Income inequalities and poverty in Slovakia: Development and changes

The dynamic development of Slovakia in recent years has significantly changed the social situation of its inhabitants. Among other things, it has made significant income and wealth inequalities visible.

Significant income inequalities can be observed at several levels:

  • at the regional level (rich West and poor East),
  • between urban and rural areas (richer cities and poorer and lagging rural areas),
  • between the well-off elite and the marginalised population.

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the development of income inequalities and poverty in Slovakia, the differences in income levels between regions, districts and municipalities, and want to know which have the lowest incomes, read the paper/study entitled Income inequalities and poverty in Slovakia: development and changes by Anton Michalek in the Polish journal European Spatial Research and Policy (IF 2023: 0.4). The article is freely available on the publisher’s website.

The article is part of the projects research:

  • VEGA 2/0037/2: „The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on changes in consumption and its manifestations in new patterns of consumer behaviour in Slovakia
  • APVV-20-0302: „Alternative food networks: a shift from consumerism to sustainable consumption

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