Research infrastructure

Laboratory of geomorphology and natural hazards

  • Total station Leica TCR 307 – geodesic electronic total station
  • LaserTech – Trupulse 360B – laser distance meter
  • GPS Leica GS20 – GPS device with RTK corrections and antenna
  • GPS Leica Zeno 5 – heavy duty manual GPS receiver with full mobile phone functionality, including SmartAntenna Leica GG03 for mapping with positional accuracy from 40cm (L1) down to  2cm (L1/L2)
  • Sonar Lowrance HDS 5 – sonar with accurate GPS/GLONASS antenna, electronic compass, and a 3D probe with inbuilt spatial scanning function
  • SonTek YSI FlowTracker – manual meter of physical properties of flowing water (temperature, velocity)
  • RETSCH – AS200 Digit – sediment sieve shaker, set of precision Vomet sieves for dry sieving (sized from 0,063 to 31,5 mm)
  • Support software for sediment analysis: GRADISTAT (statistical analysis) and SEDIMETRICS Digital Gravelometer (optical  sediment analysis)
  • AND EJ 300 – laboratory scales
  • Proceq SilverSchmidt BN – measurement of rock hardness (Schmidt hammer test)