The Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Arts was founded in 1943. It was included in the structure of the Slovak Academy of Science established 18 June 1953 and pursuing the Resolution of the Academy’s Presidium dated 5 November 1962 in force from 1 January 1963, it acquired its definite name of the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It is based in Bratislava.

The history the Institute proceeded in three major stages:

The first stage represents the period between its establishment and 1963. It is characterized by research into partial themes concerning geomorphological mapping, soil erosion, migration of population and agriculture while emphasis was laid on research into small regions.

The second stage (1964-1990) was that of landscape analyses and syntheses in human and physical geography in the territory of Slovakia. The achieved results were summarized in the monumental publication of The Atlas of Slovakia (Atlas Slovenskej socialistickej republiky), and others, such as the encyclopedic work Slovakia – People (Slovensko – Ľud) and several monographs. This second stage in the development of the Institute has been so far the most fruitful in the history of the Institute.

The third stage of the Institute’s history started in 1990 when the new socio-economic situation found its reflection in different organizational forms of scientific activities – participation in scientific projects financially supported through the grant system. Important milestones in the life of the Institute are the edited monographs, the Population Atlas of the Slovak Republic and participation in several projects financed by the VEGA and APVV grant agencies and international projects.