Library of the Institute of Geography SAS

The Institute’s library is part of the single information network of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and as a specialised library, it collects and provides literature in the sphere of geographical disciplines, research methodologies and other related sciences.

The Institute’s library contains about 16,000 books. Important sources of fresh information and knowledge are the specialized journals and series (currently more almost 90 periodicals a year) obtained mainly by the exchange with the national and international partner institutions.

Types of documents: books, periodicals, dissertations, and digital sources including CD-ROMs

Library Services:

  • Borrowings (reference only and take-away) both for the staff and public at large
  • Inter-Library and International Borrowing Services for the staff
  • Consultancies
  • Research of the available electronic sources and databases for the staff
  • Records of staff’s publications and responses to their publications in the EPCA database, processing of the required outputs (publications and citations of the Institute)
  • Reprography
  • Exchange of publications

Services are provided in accordance with the Library Rules (in Slovak only). Visitors can borrow all materials only for reference using our reading room.